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Per Kurowski

Friends, in relation to Palmisano’s article you might find of some interest the following comment I made on a Financial Times note in my

The global work-force needs some global representation too

Sir, The head of IBM, Sam Palmisano in his (local) Multinationals have been superseded (June 12) makes a passionate defense of the “globally integrated enterprise” in order to diminish the dangers of that neo-protectionism that is dangerously lurking around and that could create havoc for the world economy. But his arguments also remind us that currently, absent of any true independent representation of Mother Earth’s long term interests the World Bank seems more a “Pieces of the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund an association of very local central bankers. In this respect, in the frequent discussions about the need for updating the different voting rights and the Executive Boards of these institutions to current economic realities, what could be most beneficial is to find ways giving representation and voice to the real new kids in town, meaning all those workers, skilled or unskilled, legal or illegal, who nowadays represent jointly one of the largest and most vibrant economies of the world.

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