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Eunice Bet-Mansour

Agreed. It is an exciting turn of events in philanthropy and agreed that we need a "new" model of philanthropy to achieve sustainable results. But, as far as my research has taken me to date, I see this being merely a concept, a "mot de jour" that sounds interesting, different and trendy. But, where is the business model? We need a business model to move this from a concept phase, where it is currently, to a framework that works!

Derek Newberry

Philanthropreneur is an interesting title for these new business leaders, and I agree that the fact that similar terms are getting coined and popularized shows that the concept of generating long term value through social and environmental considerations is catching on.

If you liked my nextbillion post, we actually have even more profiles of some truly outstanding "philanthropreneurs" elsewhere on our site:

The link above contains a whole series of entrepreneurs in emerging markets with the kind of holistic focus you discuss.

Hope you enjoy,


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